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Sabarimala Sree Dharma Sastha Temple, dedicated to Lord Ayyappa, is the most revered and
prominent among all the Sastha temples. The temple which is situated on a hilltop (about 3000
feet above sea level) named Sabarimala, is unique in many respects.

The uniqueness gathers its voice, as the temple is open to all, irrespective of caste, creed or
religion. There is a place near the temple; east to Sannidhanam, dedicated to Vavar (a sufi and
friend of Lord Ayyappa) which is called 'Vavarunada', an epitome of religious harmony.

Another interesting fact is that it is not open throughout the year. It is open for worship only from
November 15 to December 26; the Makaravilakku (the main festival) from January 1-14; on
Vishu, the day of the vernal equinox in April and during smaller festivals in May/June and

The entire pilgrimage is very ritualistic with every practice having its own importance in every

As per traditions of the temple, pilgrims have to follow strict fasting & a pious life for 41 days to
cleanse their minds before going to Sabarimala. The fasting starts with rituals being held at any
of the Dharma Sastha Temples and wearing a beaded ‘Maala’ and simple cotton dhotis.
Devotees have to walk barefoot to the hills of Sabarimala and hence, they stop using footwears
once they start fasting in preparation to the event.

While embarking on the pilgrimage, the devotees perform the ritual of ‘Irumudikkettu’ at a local
Dharma Sastha Temple, which is a small bundle containing offerings to Lord Ayyappa, carried
all the way to the Sabarimala Temple and offered during poojas.

There are two routes to the temple, a longer one and shorter one. The long trek to the temple
starts at Erumeli, seeking the blessings of Vavar, passing through treacherous terrains in the
forest and hills. For pilgrims seeking shorter trek, motor vehicles are allowed upto River Pampa,
where the longer route also joins. River Pampa is also revered, as the final leg of the 41 day long
pilgrimage begins with a dip in this holy river. From here on there is only one pathway that leads
to the temple.

After the Darshan of Lord Ayyappa and performing 'Abhishekam', devotees would return to the same temple where they commenced the pilgrimage and complete the rituals before breaking their fast.

We provide proper guidance and assistance to pilgrims willing to undertake the holy trip. Our
assistance would include facilities at a local Dharma Sastha Temple for performing
‘Irumudikkettu’ & start the pilgrimage, transfers & booking of special poojas at Sabarimala.

We shall take complete responsibility of making the pilgrimage hassle-free, so the devotees do
not have to worry about local arrangements.

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